How to Optimise your IT Budget

The importance of strong IT set up in this information age has never been more significant. The right IT systems and structures can significantly improve your business efficiency to greater heights and get them wrong you will challenge your business continuity. In this article, we explore a few ways in which businesses are choosing to tailor their IT budget in 2021 to ensure they are thriving.


1. Invest in the right platforms that enable your employees to work from anywhere.

The pandemic has fast tracked a significant amount of industries in to digital transformation. It has questioned companies about their current IT infrastructure and its flexibility to be able to function in changing environment and circumstances.

If you haven’t had already, it is definitely time to review your current IT systems, software platforms and also invest in collaboration platforms that help employees stay connected and work seamlessly without minimum disruption to the BAU.


2. Invest in IT Security

The last 20 or so years have been an ongoing war between those who develop business technology and user platforms, and hackers, malware developers, ransomware developers, viruses and other security threats. Both have improved their capabilities, but at the cutting edge of technology, the good guys are still winning the battle. However, this does not stop people, malware, bots, AI and other corrupted entities from cashing in on the vulnerabilities of unpatched or outdated IT systems.

The potential impacts and exposure to a company with a breach in your IT systems can be fatal. With the significant surge in digital transformation across industries it is fundamental that you invest in to protecting your self from cyber threats. Cyber security systems now can be implemented in all shapes and sizes that fit to your organisation and definitely worth investigating.


3. Include digital transformation into your strategic investment plan

A digital transformation plan for any organisation in this day and age is a fundamental requirement. The best way to approach this is to first take a step back from the ‘digital transformation’buzz word and identify what it really means to your organisation and your functions, how it will improve your efficiencies, how can you benefit from it.

For Architecture, Engineering, and Construction among others using software such as computer aided design (CAD) software and implementing methodologies such as building information modelling (BIM) it is fundamental that a strong IT system is implemented as the foundation.

To successfully implement the infraturcure across your organisation strong experience in IT is required and a managed services provider will be able to help you better navigate the complexities and provide solutions that are tailored to your organisation.


4. Repurpose Traditional Physical Hardware

Traditional physical hardware still has its place in many if not most modern businesses. For many businesses it is a question of how to best make the split between public cloud based and traditional physical hardware and software. Once this has been determined it is then a question of which hardware and software to opt for, and of ensuring that it is installed and arranged such as to best meet your business’s needs.

Here at Agile MSP, we’re firm believers that both have their role to play in a modern business. We know that by its very nature, hardware will always be necessary – in brick and mortar retail settings, office workplaces, and other contexts.


5. Explore the competitive advantage IT MSPs can provide

One of the best things about opting to work with an IT managed service provider is that you rely on expert individuals to help you optimise your current IT systems to perform better or/and implement new systems to revitalise your processes

This doesn’t necessarily make in-house internal IT employees redundant in most cases what an IT provider will do in increase capacity and capability for a relatively low price. They in most cases will bring in a full team of experts that can supplement your current staffing. disposal – so it may be seriously worth considering IT consulting services.

The team at Agile MSP are experts at making your IT spend go as far as it can possibly go. Through our wide portfolio of offerings that include IT consulting services, cyber security solutions, public and private cloud set-up and support, and general IT systems supply, install and maintenance we have helped companies large and small across Australia. If you are interested in any topics discussed in this article and feel your company can optimise your IT spend please don’t hesitate to reach out on or on 1300 247 677.


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